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The Benefits of Shopping Seasonally


You’ve probably heard about shopping seasonally, but you might not know about the benefits.

Eating seasonally means buying produce that’s grown around the time you purchase it rather than produce that’s stored for long periods of time or grown through artificial means. 

Each season is known for naturally producing specific fruits and vegetables, and there are plenty of benefits to buying what’s in season. Here are a few:

  1. It tastes better. Seasonal produce tends to be harvested naturally and ripened on the vine. And it’s picked at the right time, so it’s got maximum flavor. Think about the best strawberry you’ve ever had; you probably ate it in early summer.
  2. It can be healthier. When the sun ripens a fruit or vegetable, that piece of produce gets more nutrients, naturally. When produce is stored for long periods of time, it actually begins to lose some of those nutrients.
  3. It’s cheaper. Naturally harvested fruits and veggies are cheaper to produce than artificially harvested ones because the sun does most of the hard work. There are also fewer travel and shipping expenses. You’ve probably noticed that some parts of the year, avocados are more expensive than other times. This is why.
  4. It’s more environmentally friendly. It takes less energy to produce something that can be naturally produced. So you can feel good while you bite into your delicious pear.

What’s in season now:

  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Grapes
  • Persimmons
  • Pumpkins

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10 Quick Home Improvement Projects for Under $100

Working on your home can be satisfying, but it can also increase your home’s value by making it more attractive to perspective buyers.

Not only that, but it can also be fun, and the result is a more comfortable and personal space. And the best part is, it doesn’t have to be expensive!

Here are 10 home improvement projects perfect for fall that can be completed in a weekend and that won’t break the bank:

  1. Paint or refinish your furniture. Over time, furniture can get dirty and scuffed, and those imperfections can really show your furniture’s age.
  2. Clean or paint your baseboards and trim. Your home will automatically look spiffier.
  3. Replace your kitchen cabinet handles with new ones. You’d be amazed at what a difference this makes. Check out IKEA for inspiration.
  4. Plant flowers along your entryway. This project will take more than a weekend to materialize, but when your flowers bloom, it’ll feel that much sweeter to get home.
  5. Add an accent wall. It’s a quick paint job and it’ll give a room new life.
  6. Update a few lighting fixtures or ceiling fans. New ceiling fixtures can make your home look much more modern, and they can light and cool your home more efficiently.
  7. Add some texture to your bathroom. A wallpaper finish can make a drab room really pop. And if you want your bathroom to feel luxurious, wallpaper is a great and affordable first step.
  8. Go bargain hunting for interesting furniture or decoration at your local thrift shop and refinish your new purchases. Not only can you find some one of a kind pieces for a fraction of the cost, you can update your home.
  9. Paint your staircase. You won’t believe what a difference it can make.

10. Get rid of rust and water spot stains. Shiny steel always looks new.

With a little elbow grease and a “can do” attitude, there’s no limit to how much you can accomplish!

5 Tips for Getting the Perfect Paint Job

Painting can breath new life into a room and change the look of it entirely. But if you don’t prepare, painting can be tricky business. With these simple tricks, you’ll love the outcome and may even enjoy the process! 

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Prep your walls. You may think that a new coat of paint will cover any imperfections, but it won’t. In fact, dirty walls can even prevent paint from sticking. Also, be sure to remove any electrical covers and light switch covers before painting.
  2. Determine how much paint you’ll need. The rule of thumb is that one gallon of paint will cover about 400 square feet. And if you’re still unsure, try a paint calculator.
  3. Don’t forget about primer. A primer will help your paint look smoother and last longer.
  4. Use a paint visualizer to help you choose a color. Paint visualizers allow you to upload a picture of the room you want to paint and let you virtually test out different paint colors before you buy paint. That way, you can avoid painter’s remorse.  They aren’t perfect, but they’re a great place to start.
  5. Paint trim, then interior. Don’t skimp on the painter’s tape. And when you paint the interior, work in a “W” shape so that your roller doesn’t leave the wall until you’re ready to dip.

Happy painting!

Smart Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Fall

As fall begins and the temperature starts to change, we often spend more time at home, taking refuge from the cold and enjoying some of our favorite comfort foods. But before the cold weather hits, it can be a good idea to prepare our homes for the upcoming season, making sure that you can enjoy your sanctuary without having any big maintenance problems.  

Here are some of the things that you can do to make sure your home is ready for pumpkin carving, Thanksgiving dinner, and the smell of baked goods.

Inside the House

  1. Make sure you don’t have drafts. Check your doors and windows for drafts. If you find some, seal them using caulk or visit your local hardware store for something stronger. 
  2. Get your furnace checked. An HVAC pro can check your furnace and do necessary maintenance. 
  3. Program your thermostat. Change your thermostat settings to reflect the colder weather. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, you might want to consider buying one. They can save you money on your energy bill. 
  4. Keep your home safe. Make sure your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are working well and buy extra batteries.
  5. Do some humidifier maintenance. Change your filters and keep your humidifier clean.

Click the link below for more tips.

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How to Change the Mortgage Industry From the Inside

We constantly talk about regulations, compliance, and technology, among other things. But a mortgage is intended for a person whose sole function isn’t to spend days faxing documents.

Improving the user experience benefits everyone, from the borrower to the originator. One idea is to change the way that things are done behind the scenes, starting with the underwriting process. And that’s exactly what cloudvirga, Skyline’s sister company, has been doing.

Recently, National Mortgage News published an article about how cloudvirga and others are changing the process. Click here to view the article to see what’s being done and what the future will look like.

Equifax Hack and How to Protect Yourself

Internet connectivity has brought many benefits to modern society, but one of the drawbacks is that internet users and companies are vulnerable to information breaches.

Recently, credit bureau Equifax was hacked with 143 million people potentially affected by the data breach. Many details about the hack aren’t available, and though this news is unfortunate, there are things that can be done to safeguard your credit.

First thing’s first, check to see if you were affected by the hack. Click on the link below to get a step-by-step guide.

Whether you were affected or not, it’s a good idea to protect yourself. Many things can happen that may put you at risk.

Here are a few steps that you could take to keep your credit safe: 

  • Set up alerts with the three big credit reporting agencies to see if someone is using your credit. Same goes for credit and debit cards. You can even have push notifications set up.
  • Look into freezing your credit so that new companies that you don’t currently work with will not be able to access your credit.
  • Keep an eye on your credit history.
  • Consider a credit monitoring service. Right now, Equifax is offering a year of credit monitoring for free, but make sure you look into the fine print.


Source: New York Times, Sept 10, 2017

How to Get Stronger Wi-Fi

(Image credit: Hayley Kessner)

In this day and age, high speed internet is nearly as important of a utility as water and gas. If you have slow internet, you may think that you’re stuck with it, but you don’t have to be! There are a few things you can do to boost your wi-fi signal to ensure a great connection and access to unlimited information, social networks, and Netflix!

Here are a few things to try:

Keep your router out in plain sight and not hidden.

Store your router in a high place rather than on the ground.

Try re-angling the router’s antennas.

Look into a wi-fi booster.

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5 Furniture And Decor Brands To Check Out This Fall


Does a new season make you crave a home refresh? If so, you’re in luck. There have been several exciting furniture and decor launches recently—with a few more dropping this fall—and we’ve rounded up below so you don’t miss a thing. From affordable midcentury style to design-forward goods you can shop right on Amazon, there’s a lot to check out in these coming months. Let’s get to it.

Target MoMA Design Store The Novogratz

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